6th March 2018, 6.30pm

The Shard, London

Celebrating the "tech"
in "diversity in tech".

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Tech Night LDN

Tech Night LDN is a mini-conference packed with talks, workshops and networking for students and recent graduates who are curious about technology. Expect an evening of inspiration and motivation.

We believe that in order to truly make strides towards achieving diversity in tech, we need to include all genders and different races in the conversation. Even if you’re new to technology, or are really passionate about it, join us!


Who is this event for?

Any student or recent graduate (less than 2 years out of university) interested in technology. All genders, races and technical skill levels are welcome!

Who is running this?

We're a (pretty diverse) team of tech-loving students from She++ London and WarwickTECH.

Will food be provided?

Yes! We will be providing dinner and drinks courtesy of our extremely generous sponsor, the Warwick Technology Alumni Network.

I know nothing about tech. Can I come?

Yes! We warmly welcome anyone willing to learn, so all of our activities have been chosen with you in mind.

Do you have a code of conduct?

We sure do! Everyone involved with the event is required to read and respect the Conf Code of Conduct.


Ashleigh Ainsley

Co-founder of colorintech.org

Ashleigh Ainsley is a consultant, who previously studied at the University of Oxford, holding an Honours degree in Geography. Ainsley started his career by working for Google, advising numerous firms on areas such as digital strategy and tech enablement. Hitherto, he works as a consultant to KPMG, further broadening his resume of already laudable experiences across the tech field. He is also the co-founder of ‘Colorintech’, a non-profit aiming to push boundaries in tech, by fostering collaboration of people from different “backgrounds, experiences, gender, races and perspectives building products that serve everyone”.


Developer Relations and Community Consultant

Uve is a developer relations and community consultant. As great as tech and its accompanying community is, Uve believes that more work needs to be done in creating more inclusivity. They promote diversity and inclusivity in tech through their work which include: blog posts, event talks, and code demonstrations.

Heidy Khlaaf

Research Consultant at Adelard LLP

Dr Heidy Khlaaf is a research consultant over at Adelard LLP, consulting, researching, and training on the implementation of safety and security related systems. During her time at UCL, she received her PhD in computer science. Her other work experiences include: being a research consultant over at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK, as well as a security research at Amazon Web Services in NY, USA.

Ceylan Sepil

R&D Tax Credit Consultant and Internal Coach at GrantTree

Ceylan Sepil is a R&D Tax Credit Consultant and Internal Coach at GrantTree. GrantTree is a team of specialists who help software companies access R&D Tax Credits and Innovation Grants. However they don’t stop at funding; they also help companies hire the right people, and create cultures that thrive with diversity and transparency. Ceylan previously worked in International Banking at Barclays Wealth Dubai, and is a graduate of Duke University.

Sarah Luxford

Co-founder of Tech London Advocates Women in Tech

Sarah Luxford is the Co-founder of TLA Women in Tech, a working group within Tech London Advocates that develop direct, practical strategies to improve diversity in the workplace. Their non-profit voluntary organization has a growing membership base of 2000 advocates that are passionate and dedicated to increasing gender balance and equality through initiatives that promote inclusivity and fairness. She is also the co-founder of Croydon Tech City, London’s fastest growing tech cluster that inspire and champions tech skills and opportunities in South London.

Mujavid Bukhari

Founder (Engineering) of Scoodle

Mujavid is a software engineer and designer, and a former Computer Science student at UCL. He is a Co-Founder of the startup Scoodle, a platform which connects students and tutors. He developed his product experience at multiple companies including: Google, Microsoft and Codecademy among others. During his time at university he focussed on high impact projects at Satifs, where his role as technical lead was instrumental in establishing an interest-free loans company. Before learning to code, Mujavid had a background in clinical sciences, having studied Pharmacy at UCL.


18:30 Registration
19:00 Welcome speech
19:30 Dinner
20:00 Three Streams Stream 1: Workshop - Build your own messenger chatbot with IBM

Stream 2: Panel talk on 'Diversity in technology' followed by Tech talk with Alessia Nigretti

Stream 3: Fireside chat with Mujavid Bukhari followed by Panel talk on 'Diversity in technology'

21:30 Closing speech
22:00 Close